Document Management

We professionally handle your documents through digitization and loading into our DMS customized for you where you can do the following;

1. Safely save all documents in digitized form
2. Search and pick your document any time you want
3. Track documents wherever they are being used
4. Keep an audit trail on who and when the document is being worked on.
5. Track versions of each document as it is being worked on.

Data Entry

Management and Data Entry team us trained in Data Capture with Rules into your database;

1. We scan and index your documents into your Data Entry tool
2. Or into our configurable Data Entry tool and upload into your system
3. We commit to above 99.5% quality from our team
4. We commit to meeting turnaround time when on contract due to our shift system.

Mobile Data Entry

You can can now collect data or fill forms anywhere

1. We have built in signature features
2. We have built in camera features to take pictures of ID cards, passport sized pictures or scenes.
3. We have built in voice and video recording features to confirm customer approval etc.
4. Real time output upload to server when completed
5. Auto-upload when connected to mobile network
6. Editable forms before sending to server.

Multiple e-Platforms

Designed to simplify your operations workflow

1. Procurement process from request to payment
2. Petty cash request and approval system
3. Cheque request and approval system