AT - Multiple Paperless Platform

Procurement Request to Purchase (P2P)

Raise PR - Approval - Source for Suppliers – Raise PO – Approval – Supply confirmation

  • Petty Cash
  • Cheque Request
  • TnT
  • Repairs Request
  • Vehicle Usage Request
  • Stores Requests

AT - Customer Feedback Platform

AT - Document Management Software

AT - Data Entry and Reporting

  • Advanced scanning and indexing
  • Advanced image storage and retrieval
  • Advanced Date Entry and Verification

AT - Mobiforms

All your Policy enrolment forms in 24 hours

  • Taking Pictures or Choose Image
  • Signing your signature with your fore finger

Mobile Forms for New Policy Holder

Our mobile forms have unique features such as :
1) Signing of signatures directly on the phone.
2) Insertion of pictures of IDs taken on the spot within the questionnaire on the phone.
3) Insertion of voice / video recording into the questionnaire app
4) Real-time central storage on database upon submission.
5) Ability to take data in offline areas